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Last Articles

The Differences Between Interpreter and Compiler Explained

Compilation and interpretation can be seen as different concepts, even if they are two similar ways to translate source code, often into machine code. What is machine code? How does a computer execute a program? What's the difference between interpretation and compilation, and why does it matter? What are their benefits and drawbacks?

Type Systems Explained With Examples

Type systems are core components of programming languages. However, it's easy to get confused by the rich vocabulary we use to describe them, especially since they seem to have different sense depending of the programming language you speak about. What are the big ideas of a type system? Is there a better type system to rule them all?

Configuring Zsh Without Dependencies

For 30 years, command line interfaces have been developed and extended to solve many problems we can have, as developers. That's why the shell is the keystone of a powerful and efficient development environment. It's important to choose one which help you accomplish your goals without getting in your way. It's exactly what Zsh does.

The Art Of Learning For Software Developers

As developers, learning is part of our job. We need to learn about many different topics to be good problem solvers. How to learn effectively, and efficiently? This is the question this article try to answer by brushing over the vast concept of learning.