What is Software Entropy And How To Manage It?

Software entropy can easily makes our work, as developers, way more difficult that it has to be. Knowing what is software entropy and how to keep it low is essential for our projects to be maintainable and easily scalable. »

24 min. read

Is Vim Really Not For You? A Beginner Guide

Vim is the most emblematic and feared command line application out there, even if understanding its basic commands and how it works can be really beneficial for developers. This is exactly the goal of this article. You think that Vim's not for you? Let's find out! »

19 min. read

Programming Side Project Case Study With DevDash

This is a complete case study of my side project DevDash, from the very first idea to the launch of the first early version. I explain in this article how I built it, how I managed it, how I promoted it, and, most importantly, why. I give you my precise time management workflow and basically all the tips and techniques I use, for you to build the best side projects ever! »

24 min. read

8 Sources of Stress in Software Development

Nowadays, developer and stress seem to be strongly linked together. However, do we really need a minimum of stress to be effective and productive? What's stress, exactly? Should we get rid of it? I share many actionable tips to help you deal with stress in your daily work. »

34 min. read

Global Variables and States: Why So Much Hate?

Global variables are common pitfalls many developers fall into. Indeed, difficult to scale and maintain an application crippled with globals. Why is that? Isn't it convenient to be able to access variables and their values everywhere? The global state problem is only part of a bigger one, namely leaking states and the lack of encapsulation. »

22 min. read