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It’s better to master what doesn’t change.

It's better to master what doesn't change

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Last Articles

Understanding the Imposter Syndrome

Depending on its intensity, the imposter syndrome can be a gruesome feeling bringing other mental health issues like burnout or even depression. What's the imposter syndrome? Where does it come from? Can we overcome it? Let's look at the studies on the subject to gather some answers.

A Guide To Recursion With Examples

Recursion is more than repeating a function again and again: it's a process of expansion and reduction. As often, practicing is the best way to grasp this difficult concept. That's why this article propose a short explanation as well as examples and exercises.

The Differences Between Interpreter and Compiler Explained

Compilation and interpretation can be seen as different concepts, even if they are two similar ways to translate source code, often into machine code. What is machine code? How does a computer execute a program? What's the difference between interpretation and compilation, and why does it matter? What are their benefits and drawbacks?