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Who is writing The Valuable Dev

“But… who are you?”

I’m Matthieu. Nice to meet you!

Let me introduce myself:

  • I’m a French developer living in Berlin.
  • Coding is my hobby for 20 years. I’m a professional for 10 years.
  • I worked in web shops, different kind of startups, and for big companies too.
  • I actively study books and articles about software development, but not only: psychology, philosophy, sciences, languages, you name it. I love learning. It’s my drug.
  • I believe that learning a lot from different domains:
    • gives you original ideas.
    • helps you innovate.
    • brings value in your life.
  • Don’t take any of my article as the Holy Truth. Don’t take anything as the Holy Truth, before you try it for yourself. If it works for you, then it’s true.
  • I think it’s really important to define who we are, what our purposes, our values, and what do we want in life, to make better choices.

“I want to know more about you !!?”

Holy cow! You want more details? More bullet points everywhere? No? Well, don’t read the following, then.

My Coding-Life-Career Timeline

  • ~8 years old: I was playing weird games (on tapes!) and trying to modify them, on a Thompson MO5 .
  • ~12 years old: Hacked around in QBasic on MS-DOS to create my own versions of my favorite (and only) games, Gorillas and Nibbles .
  • ~14 years old: Learned the basics of C to build a little text-based game, where you could be a dwarf with an axe!
  • 15 years old: Created a little RPG in C++ with DirectX, using Microsoft Paint to design Very High Quality Assets™.
  • 17 years old: Created an almost-complete clone of Adventure of Lolo using Game Maker. The AI of this game is weird, I tell you.
  • 22 / 23 years old: 2 years of studying communication. I loved it, it taught me a lot about soft skills.
  • 23 years old: Learned Adobe Flash (oops), HTML, CSS and PHP.
  • 24 years old: Began to work as a full stack developer (frontend and backend).
  • 25 years old: “Specialization” as a PHP backend developer. No, PHP is not that bad.
  • 29 years old: Team leader of a remote team. Responsibilities shared with a friend.
  • 31 years old: Team leader (again).
  • 32 years old: Began to code full time in Golang.
  • 33 years old: Began to learn Clojure.

My Personal Projects

I coded many other little games, fun experiments and side projects.


  • Sharetoall - Free alternative to Buffer / Hootsuite - abandoned - PHP
  • DevDash - Highly Configurable Terminal Dashboard for Developers - Golang
  • testomatic - Automatically run appropriate tests when a file is saved - Golang
  • ottosocial - Scheduling tweets via CSV - Golang
  • snake.hjkl - Snake game in the browser to learn to use hjkl for Vim - Play! - ClojureScript



My Daily Routine


  • Wake up around 5am
  • 30 / 40 minutes of sport, mainly callisthenics (GMB is my favorite)
  • 20 minutes of meditation (here’s a good resource for meditation )
  • 25 / 50 minutes writing for this blog
  • 25 minutes of Duolingo
  • Day job from 8am till 5pm
  • 25 minutes of reading / taking notes (in the transports)
  • Sport for 30 min / 1 hour (running / callisthenics)
  • Time for side projects / studying my reading notes / spend time with my girlfriend or/and with friends
  • I like to sleep around 10pm

Week end:

  • Wake up at 5am
  • 30 / 40 minutes of sport
  • 20 minutes of meditation
  • Bouldering
  • One of the following thing:
    • Side projects
    • Try to learn new stuff
    • Do stuff with other human beings
  • In my bed at 10pm… I don’t like to go out very late anymore.

I try to keep some flexibility of course. Sometimes I don’t do everything, or just a bit of everything. It’s perfectly fine.

DISCLAIMER: even if I follow this routine for years, I wasn’t able to build the necessary discipline from one day to another. I experimented, failed, tried again, failed again. At the end, everything fall into place, more or less.

In short, it took me time, dedication and work. And it’s not over.

You don’t have to follow this kind of routine if you don’t want to. If you want to stay in bed till 11pm, that’s fine. Find out what you want to do in your life and try to do it. After all, life is a pretty limited thing.

I don’t do all of that to become rich and famous. It’s not really likely, between you and me. I do it simply because I like it.

I believe in our capacities as humans, thus I try to help as much as I can to leverage them. If I can contribute to make the world a better place, I would consider my life a success.

Other Interests:

I like many, many things. Here’s a short preview:

  • Photography
  • Eating good food
  • Hiking / being in the nature
  • Bouldering (climbing on rocks)
  • Travelling
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Sciences

Thank You!

Thanks for reading my blog! If you have any question, I’m always happy to help.

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