The Valuable Dev

Did you ever felt overwhelmed by all the new techs coming at us, poor developers?

At the beginning of my career, I was trying to learn everything: every new technology, framework, and new features for the tools I was using. A lot of my free time was dedicated to this crazy quest.

It was exhausting.

After a while, I realized that I felt into a trap: the trend twister. The more I was learning, the more I was realizing that all these new shiny technologies wasn’t inventing anything new. Everything was coming from the same first principles, the same foundations we build upon for decades.

Understanding these first principles of software development helped me to adapt to any tech quickly, to communicate effectively with my peers, and to increase my efficiency overall.

The foundations don’t change. They’re here to stay. They provide a lot of value for the ones who know them.

That’s the end goal of The Valuable Dev: writing about timeless foundations and tools, for you to become an even more Valuable Developer.

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Any more question?

“That’s Nice, But… Who Are You?”

It’s where I’ll begin the bullet point craze:

  • I’m a French developer living in Berlin.
  • Coding is my hobby for 20 years. I’m coding for a living for 10+ years.
  • I worked in many different companies: startups, middle sized ones, and big corporations.
  • I began as a “fullstack” web developer, and now I’m in the backend. I’ve also lead mentored and empowered developer teams.
  • I actively study books and interesting articles, and not only about software development. I’m interested in many things.
  • I believe that learning from different domains:
    • Brings value in our lives.
    • Gives us new and innovating ideas.
  • My motto: “To quit this world a bit better than when I found it”. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

“Dear Sir, I want to know more!”

Holy cow! You want more bullet points? No? Well, don’t read the following, then.

Career Timeline

  • ~8 years old: Played weird video games (on tapes!) on a Thompson MO5. Already at that time I was trying to modify them.
  • ~10 years old: Got my first video game console, the mythic NES. My dream was to create games.
  • ~12 years old: My family got a new computer (windows 3.1 power). Messed around with QBasic on MS-DOS to create my own versions of the games Gorillas and Nibbles. I already liked the terminal back then. All these attractive commands!
  • 14 years old: Learned the basics of C to build a little text-based game, where you could be a dwarf with an axe. How original!
  • 15 years old: Created a little RPG in C++ with DirectX, using Microsoft Paint to design Very High Quality Assets™.
  • 16 years old: Tried Linux (Mandrake). My soundcard wasn’t working (of course), and to try alternative drivers I had to recompile the whole kernel… good times! After hours and hours of struggle, I accepted my defeat and moved back to windows 98 (and its Blue Screen of Death™).
  • 17 years old: Created an almost-complete clone of Adventure of Lolo using Game Maker.
  • 20 / 23 years old: Studied communication for 3 years. I loved it, it taught me a lot about soft skills.
  • 23 years old: Learned Adobe Flash (oops), HTML, CSS, and PHP.
  • 24 years old: Began to work as a “full stack” web developer (frontend and backend).
  • 25 years old: “Specialization” as a PHP backend developer. No, PHP is not that bad.
  • 29 years old: Team leader. Responsibilities shared with a friend.
  • 30 years old: Began to write this blog.
  • 31 years old: Team leader (again).
  • 32 years old: Began to use Golang professionally.
  • 33 years old: Began to learn Clojure.
  • 34 years old: Self-published my first digital book, Building Your Mouseless Development Environment.
  • 35 years old: Self-published the printed version of Building Your Mouseless Development Environment.

… to be continued (I hope!)

Daily Routine

I’m pretty sure nobody’s reading anymore, but just in case, let’s add more details. Here’s my daily routine; I follow it for years. It’s a general guideline I try to follow as much as I can.


  • Wake up around 5am
  • 20 minutes of stretching.
  • 30 minutes of meditation.
  • 25 minutes to improve my German.
  • Writing, writing, writing. It can be for a book, or for The Valuable Dev.
  • Breakfast!
  • Day job from 8am/9am till 5pm/6pm.
  • After the day job, it’s side project time:
    • Write even more for The Valuable Dev.
    • Write for a book.
    • Create mouseless and open source CLIs.
    • Record videos for my Youtube channel.
    • … who knows?
  • I like to sleep around 10pm.

Week end:

  • I try to do different stuff.
  • I sometimes work on my side projects too.

I’ve worked on these habits for years and it’s not over. I need to nurture them, if I want them to stick around.

I’m Currently Working On…

All my other projects are listed on my Github page. My biggest project right now is my book Learning To Play Vim.

“Why Are You Doing All of That?!”

I like it! That’s the main reason.

I also love helping if I can, and creating meaningful relationships with anybody interested to connect with me. Let’s learn from each other and improve!

Even if our actual society seems to be all about productivity, you don’t have to follow this trend. Be intentional with your life; do whatever you like.