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Supporting The Valuable Dev

Supporting The Valuable Dev

My goal is to write for The Valuable Dev as much as I can, to develop nice CLIs, to record videos, to create courses, and to contribute to open source projects.

In short: to help even more.

But I need to eat and to pay the bills. So if you like my work and you want to support it, thanks a lot!

Github Sponsors Page

You can support me via my Github sponsors page. You’ll have your name and a link on the top of this page.


You can purchase a copy, or a few hundred of copies, of my book Building Your Mouseless Development Environment, and in return you’ll have a nice guide for building your own Mouseless Development Environment.

Brave Reward

If you use the browser Brave, you can send a tip via the Brave Rewards.


If you can’t support me financially, you can give your positive or negative feedback:

  • Let’s connect! You can subscribe to my monthly newsletter and you can reply to any email if you have a question or feedback. I’ll always reply as soon as I can.
  • If you don’t want any email from me, you can also complete this short survey (3 minutes in average).
  • If you prefer social media, you’ll find them at the bottom of the page.